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Assorted Call Ducks

Assorted Call Ducks

PLEASE NOTE: Call Ducks can FLY very well.

Because of this, they can fly away and we cannot offer insurance on this breed. Thank you.
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In our Call Duck Variety you get a assortment of Call Duck colors. If you are open to receiving a mixture of our 7 colors of Call Ducks, this might be a good cost saving option for you. We cannot guarantee how many of each color you will receive, but you will get at least 2 color options.

Call Duck colors include: Black, Blue, Gray, Pastel, Pencil, Snowy, and White.

The exact origins of Call Ducks is debatable, but it is believed they were developed in the Netherlands in the 17th or 18th century. They were initially bred to lure or “call” wild ducks into traps or nets. The small size and loud quacking of Call Ducks made them effective decoys. Hunters used them to attract wild ducks closer, making it easier to catch wild waterfowl for food and sport.

Please note, Call Ducks can fly very well and because of this, we do not insure this breed. Historically Call Ducks have been bred with short, wide heads (brachycephalic) and short bills. Here at Metzer Farms, we are not going to stray from the APA guidelines, but we aim to breed a naturally shaped duck - just much smaller. We feel this will allow them to be more productive in terms of fertility, longevity and hatchability.

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Limited Availability (<10 birds)

Call Duck Colors

Black Call Ducks have glossy black plumage and typically features black legs and a black bill, creating a striking and uniformly black appearance. Some individuals may have minimal variations, but the primary coloration is solid black sometimes with a white bib.

Blue Call Ducks typically have a soft, slate-blue plumage with a slightly lighter shade on its head and neck. This breed's feathers have a subtle bluish-gray hue, creating an overall elegant and attractive appearance.

Gray Call Ducks have the same color scheme as mallards. Males have a glossy green head and a white neck ring, females have a mostly brown coloration to their feathers.

Pastel Call Ducks have soft and muted feathering, typically displaying a blend of light gray, soft brown, and pale blue hues throughout their plumage. This creates a subtle and delicate appearance, distinguishing them from the more vividly colored varieties of Call ducks.

Snowy Call Ducks appear different depending on gender. Males have a glossy green head, white neck stripe, and brown/gray plumage. Females have a lighter brown head color and fun coloring throughout their body.

Penciled Call Ducks have intricate and fine penciling patterns on their feathers, resembling delicate lacework. Their plumage is typically a light color, such as creamy white or pale gray, with darker pencil-like markings that give them an elegant and detailed appearance. A favorite of many.

White Call Ducks have pure white plumage, creating a pristine and immaculate appearance. They are characterized by their completely white feathers, yellow bill, and yellow feet, giving them a striking and elegant presence.

Why are Call Ducks Considered Special?

Appearance: Call Ducks are a petite breed known for their compact size, making them perfect for smaller living spaces.

Friendly Disposition: Call Ducks are known for their friendly and sociable nature. Like other duck breeds, they can quickly form bonds with their owners and enjoy human interaction.

Unique Vocalizations: Call Ducks are named for their distinctive quack, which is livelier and more hight pitched as compared to the quack of other duck breeds.

Hardy and Adaptable: Like other duck breeds, Call Ducks are hardy and adaptable to various climates, making them suitable for both urban and rural living.


Customer Reviews of Assorted Call Ducks

January 31, 2024 | Sooo cute!

They all arrived alive and very noisy! they are so cute!!! This is my first time ordering ducklings! I hope to see them grow big and cute!