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Pilgrim Geese
Pilgrim Geese Pilgrim Geese Pilgrim Geese

Pilgrim Geese

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Pilgrims are the only domestic goose breed in which you can distinguish males from females at any age. As babies, the males are yellow and light gray with lighter colored bills, much like a day old Embden or Sebastopol. The day old female's down is a deeper gray/green with a darker bill like a Toulouse.

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As adults, the males are white with a touch of gray on the rump or wings. The females are gray in color like a Toulouse but often with white on the head. They are a calm goose with a reputation of being excellent parents. The fertility of their eggs is low, however, in our experience. It averages about 60% over the complete season.


Customer Reviews of Pilgrim Geese

October 8, 2020 | New Breeding Stock

I've had Pilgrims for over 10 years and I love them. They're docile and intelligent, as well as good protectors of my chicken flock and a beautiful sight in the pasture.I bought some replacement ganders this spring, just to bring in a little fresh blood. They're gorgeous and have integrated with the flock seamlessly.Very eager to see their offspring next year!I'm super pleased with these birds. Thank you!

February 23, 2021 | Strong healthy geese

My pilgrim geese are almost 3 years old now and they have done quite well here on my northern Michigan farm. They handle the snow and cold of winter and the heat and rain of summer beautifully! I like their disposition. They are not aggressive like some other geese can be. This was my third try with a breed of geese trying to find what was just right for my small farm... and the Pilgrim is it.

February 16, 2022 | My guardian goose

My female pilgrim goose fits in well with my backyard chicken flock. Haven't lost any hens to a hawk since I got her back in 2020.