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Muscovy Variety

Muscovy Variety

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We are unable to ship Mallards or Muscovy to North Dakota.

Our Muscovy Variety is a new duckling package for 2023 which contains an assortment of both Black and White Muscovies. If you are open to receiving a mixture of both colors, then this might be a good cost saving option for you. Our Muscovies are available in Straight Run. We cannot guarantee how many of each color you will receive but just know it will be a variety of both patterns.

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Not Available

Limited Availability (<10 birds)

Muscovy eggs take 35 days to hatch (versus 28 days for all other breeds of domestic ducks). Oftentimes they are difficult to hatch in an incubator but a broody Muscovy will do an excellent job of hatching and raising her young. If you remove the ducklings by 3-5 weeks, she will probably produce one or two more broods during the season. Muscovy normally start laying later in the spring than other ducks.


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