Duck, Goose, Chicken & Game Bird Hatchery

Refunds, Losses & Insurance

Rarely do we have a problem with losses in a shipment. In addition, we usually provide a few extra birds in case there are losses during shipping with large orders, so always count the live birds, not just the dead birds as you may still have the number you ordered if there are only a few losses. We will cover any losses for the first 48 hours upon arrival. At that point we will either issue a refund or send replacements, whichever you prefer.

Bird Life Insurance

For only $5 per duck, you can have the comfort of knowing your birds are insured for one year after purchase. If you lose a bird for any reason, no questions asked, Metzer Farms will send you a replacement bird of the same breed for zero cost to you and free shipping. You just phone us to let us know.

This is a one time replacement. If you want to insure the replacement bird, it will require another insurance purchase of $5.00. If we replace a bird that passed during shipping or within the first 48 hours of arrival, this is not considered a life insurance redemption. This replacement bird is still covered by the original bird’s life insurance.