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Purchase Blown Eggs
Purchase Blown Eggs Purchase Blown Eggs Purchase Blown Eggs Purchase Blown Eggs Purchase Blown Eggs Purchase Blown Eggs
Purchase Blown Eggs Purchase Blown Eggs Purchase Blown Eggs

Purchase Blown Eggs

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ItemLength (inches)Width (inches)Circumference (inches)Order1 to 99100+
Blown Duck Eggs
Blown Pee Wee Duck Egg21⅜6 - 6½$1.78$1.57
Blown Small Duck Egg2⅛6⅝ - 6⅞$1.78$1.57
Blown Medium Duck Egg25161⅝7 - 7¼$1.78$1.57
Blown Large Duck Egg7⅜$1.78$1.57
Blown Jumbo Duck Egg2⅞115167⅝$1.78$1.57
Blown Blue Duck Eggs
Blown Blue Pee Wee Duck Egg21⅜6 - 6½$2.05$1.84
Blown Blue Small Duck Egg2⅛6⅝ - 6⅞$2.05$1.84
Blown Blue Medium Duck Egg25161⅝7 - 7¼$2.05$1.84
ItemLength (inches)Width (inches)Circumference (inches)Order1 to 4445 to 269270+
Goose Eggs 8.0”
In stock: 169
Goose Eggs 8.5”3⅛21/16Sold Out$2.59$2.38$2.38
Goose Eggs 9.0”
In stock: 268
Goose Eggs 9.5”
In stock: 686
Goose Eggs 10.0"
In stock: 982
Goose Eggs 10.5”
In stock: 166
Goose Eggs 11.0”
In stock: 11
Goose Eggs 11.5”4⅜2⅝11½Sold Out$11.88$11.88$11.88
Goose Eggs 12.0”47/16312Sold Out$12.96$12.96$12.96
Goose Eggs 12.5”411/1612½Sold Out$14.04$14.04$14.04

All goose eggs are laid in the spring, with the infertile eggs being blown and cleaned at that time. Most sizes are available year round but some sizes sell out quickly (10.5", 11.5" and 12"). Duck eggs are produced year round and the necessary infertile eggs are blown as orders are received.

The sizes for the goose eggs show their largest circumference. We measure from the hole, around the other end of the egg and back to the hole. These sizes are the minimum for that price. In other words, a 9.5" egg measures anywhere from 9.5" to 9.99" in circumference.

Duck eggs are sized according to their weight, not their circumference, when they are washed and weighed each day. Measurements shown are typical of that size of egg - not minimums.

Blue duck eggs are available in pee wee and small. They are an additional $.25 each.

Breakage is rarely a problem. Goose eggs are packed in cases of 45 or 90 except for the 8" eggs which are packed 120 per case and the 10.5"-12.5" eggs which are wrapped individually. Duck egg cases hold 100 or 200 eggs. You do not need to order complete cases. You can order any quantity of any size as long as the total is at least $50.00.

I hope we can be your supplier of blown duck and goose eggs. All eggs are carefully inspected as we only want to ship you the very best.

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