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Roman Tufted Geese
Roman Tufted Geese Roman Tufted Geese

Roman Tufted Geese

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The Roman breed appears to have originated in Italy and is one of the oldest breeds. It is not a large goose and is actually classified as a light breed for show purposes. It was credited for saving the Capitol at Rome during the siege by the Gauls in the fourth century BC. During the night, the assailants climbed to the summit, hoping to take it by surprise. The dogs slept but not the geese. The honking of the geese awakened Marcus Manlius and the intruders were repelled.

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The Roman Tufted are especially popular in North America. Most Roman geese in the world do not have a tuft or crest on their head. The crest is not similar to the crested ducks. Whereas the crest in ducks is caused by an extra ball of skin and feathers on top of the head, the crest in geese is due to a group of feathers standing more upright, causing the appearance of a small helmet on their head.

The 1982 British Standard described the breed as "active, alert, docile rather than defiant." There are always a few renegade geese but in general we agree with this description. They are now a smaller, plump bird with a friendly personality.


Customer Reviews of Roman Tufted Geese

May 18, 2022 | Roman Tufted

Last year, I ordered 2 Roman Tufted ganders. We were too late in the season to order girls, but not this year! We jumped on the list early to purchase 4 goslings and I cannot wait!! Metzer Farms has always been professional, organized in their billing and shipping and provide the best care in shipping out our feathered babies. Thank you Metzer Farms!