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Where to Find Adult Ducks to Replace the One I Lost?

Thursday, March 28, 2024
If you own 2 ducks and you lose one duck to a predator or illness, you most likely will find yourself in a pickle. Your remaining duck can be left depressed, despondent, or even anxious with the loss of his/her companion. Finding a friend for your lone survivor can become a challenge that needs to be addressed fairly quickly. A mirror in the coop can be a quick fix, but most likely a new duck will need to be found – and found somewhat fast.

Unfortunately, Metzer Farms does not sell adult birds and purchasing ducklings and waiting for them to grow to adulthood can be a lengthy solution that requires patience and a long wait. An adult companion duck is what you need and you most likely will need it quickly. Here are some options to help you:

Waterfowl Rescue Organizations

One option is to search the internet for local waterfowl rescue organizations in your area. This option can sometimes provide results you were not even aware of. In addition to waterfowl rescue organizations, it is also suggested to research local SPCA’s and animal control centers in your area too. We have definitely seen ducks in need of homes come through these avenues as well.

The pet adoption site, Petfinder, also has postings of ducks that need homes. On Petfinder you are able to browse adoptable pets from a network of over 14,500 shelters across the nation. Just type in “ducks” in the search bar and you can find rescue ducks near you.

Have you checked out Metzer Farms’ listing of waterfowl rescue organizations? If not, click HERE to access it. There might not be an organization in your area.

Local Feedstores

Historically we have directed people to go to their feed store when looking for an adult duck. Feedstore personnel are usually quite versed when it comes to local farmers or breeders who may have waterfowl for sale. Another good place to look is the feedstore bulletin board. Animal postings are prevalent on feedstore community sites.

Local Poultry Organizations

Your local county fair poultry supervisor is also a good resource when it comes to finding poultry. If you can track down this contact, it could prove fruitful. Similarly, local 4H or FFA organizations can probably point you in the right direction.

Craigslist Farm & Garden Section

Adult duck replacements can also be found on the Farm & Garden Section of your local Craigslist site. People are always rehoming ducks and selling ducklings on Craigslist. Craigslist can get a bad rap for sketchy postings and questionable sellers, but when used correctly, it also can be a very valuable site for finding animals in close proximity to you that need to be rehomed quickly.

The American Poultry Association

Another resource can be the American Poultry Association. The APA is a US poultry organization which offers support, exhibitions, and education for poultry enthusiasts. They provide several resources on their website, one of which is a listing of licensed poultry judges with their names, numbers, and emails. A judge should know who has flocks of ducks or geese nearby. Access this listing HERE
Best of luck in finding an adult duck to join your flock!


I would love to find one or two female Peking adults for my lonely male who lost his mate two years ago.
We live in Magnolia, have two spacious ponds lots of room here.
We have lots of whistler ducks visiting everyday, two geese stop by, but we have not been able to get an adult female. I have 19 hens as well, lots of deer, a variety of birds.
Please contact us if you are looking for a new home for your duck.
Thank you
Laurie Elliott
Laurie Elliott, Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Sometimes the people who advertise on Metzer eggs for sale, or Meat ducks for sale will have adult ducks for sale.
Mary Ann Ogg, Wednesday, April 3, 2024