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Metzer Farms' Traveling Catalog

Friday, June 24, 2011
Our catalog has been to five continents - we are only missing Australia and Antarctica! I am bumping the gift certificate award for the first picture from each of these continents to $150! For complete rules, visit our website . Now that summer vacation is here, I know duck and goose fans are on these two continents now! If you forget to pack our catalog, download it and print it from our Metzer Farms website once you get to your destination.

Following are some of our winners from five continents!
Asia: Loren King on the Great Wall of China, China
Asia: Joseph Whi in Bangkok, Thailand
Africa: Alex Visio at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Europe: Frank Chandler (our very first winner) in Rome, Italy
Europe: Ethan Graves at Stonehenge, England
South America: Maria Tate at the Panama Canal, Panama