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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
One of the proudest moments of a father is when his beautiful daughter marries a wonderful young man. I was lucky to be that father this past summer. I know this is a waterfowl blog..... but nothing is more important than family! So you will just have to put up with some personal pictures and paternal bragging.
Mike and Janelle Seebeck
The new Metzer Family: Marc, Sharon, Mike, Janelle, Me, Erin
Our three children and new son-in-law.

We offer gift certificates to people that have their picture taken holding our catalog in famous locations. We call it our Traveling Catalog Offer. Earlier this week we were sent a picture taken on the Great Wall of China! But how often does a bride take a picture for her Dad - holding his catalog - on her wedding day? Janelle did and had some fun doing it! What a great group of girls.
Does this qualify the wedding as a business expense? Hmmmmm.

It was a wonderful day and a wonderful wedding - a day to remember always. We all wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. John and Family.