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Christmas Project 2018

Friday, December 21, 2018
Merry Christmas everyone!! We are in the business of ducks. As with all things, however, it’s good to step back and do something else. That’s how we came up with this little craft project.

The story behind this is quite funny really. We were talking about the yard work needing to be done over the weekend when Ashley mentioned the buckeye trees in her backyard that occasionally beam her guests on the head. Not knowing what a buckeye is, I investigated and found Ohio’s football team, trees, various recipes, and some crafts.
We loved it!

So, a few Friday’s ago while John was out of the office (cats and mice come to mind), we put together a small crafting party and made some buckeye sculptures. Ashley got really creative and used some pomegranates from her yard as well.

The photos of our little sculptures do not show them at their very best as I didn’t take them until...yesterday. By now the nuts had dried and shriveled. Yes, you are supposed to dry them out first so that this doesn’t happen, but we still had a lot of fun!

Do you do little crafts like this? We randomly had a plethora of nuts that needed to be thrown away and it turned into a fun little project. Show us what you make!