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Responsible Duck Ownership

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Metzer Farms advocates responsible waterfowl care. Domesticated ducks should never be released into the
wild in local ponds, rivers, and lakes.

First, domesticated ducks rarely survive if released into the wild. Domesticated ducks are reliant on humans in
order to survive and they are not equipped to compete with wild waterfowl for food and territory. They do not
know how to fend for themselves so when winter arrives and food sources become scarce, many domesticated
ducks suffer and die from starvation. Ducks are dependent upon humans for food and because of this they lack
the natural instinct to forage in the environment for healthy food sources.

Secondly, most domestic ducks cannot fly so they become easy targets for predators from which they cannot
escape. They are in effect defenseless against dogs, coyotes, hawks, minks, raccoons, and the many other
predators who find them delicious to eat.

Besides being detrimental to the ducks themselves, releasing ducks into the wild may also negatively impact
the environment. Water ecosystems normally recover in the winter when wild ducks fly south for the winter.
These waterways do not recover if domesticated duck inhabit ponds, rivers, and lakes year-round in large
numbers. Perhaps most importantly, wild ducks carry Avian Flu. Adding more ducks into the
environment only increases the probability of this deadly and very serious disease spreading.

Finally, releasing domesticated ducks into the wild may also be illegal as it is considered an Act of
Abandonment punished by fines and jail time in many states.

Our aim in writing this is to educate. Please do not be part of the problem - please practice responsible duck
rearing. They are a lifetime commitment, and they change quickly from cute little fuzzy ducklings into adult
ducks that need daily care.

Your ducks and geese will provide you eggs, entertainment, education for children, meat, feathers, and beauty
on your pond and yard. In turn your responsibility is to provide them feed, clean water, clean bedding and
enough room to thrive on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.

- Your Friends at Metzer Farms


Very good point and a topic that needs addressed!
Lynn Gilliss, Friday, December 2, 2022
I am so glad you post info such as above. This way individuals do not purchase cute little ducklings,,, and then don't know what to do with them when their children get tired of them.
I ran across your site searching for BANTAM ducks. I see that it is not one of your breeds you hatch. I keep chickens as pets.. They live looooooong lives. I only eat the eggs,, not the chickens.
Rich Olszewski, Wednesday, August 23, 2023