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Nine Steps for Effective Building Cleanout - Continued

Friday, January 6, 2012
Juan is cleaning where most of the nests are - opposite the waterers - notice the drier litter.

Keep in mind that if you do not frequently remove your litter, a very slow composting process is occurring in the deep litter. It will not heat up excessively as it is starved for oxygen. But this low level of composting does provide some warmth to your birds during a cold winter.

5) Use the same pressure washer to wash the interior of the building. Follow up with a second washing using disinfectant - as you did with the equipment.
Nacho is washing the entire interior - ceiling and walls.

6) We have a 5' wide concrete pit with a wire floor along one wall of the building. Above this are the nipple waterers. Any leakage from the nipple waterers goes in these pits, along with the manure produced while the birds are drinking or lounging on the wire. During the year we periodically pump these these pits but we empty and wash them completely at cleanout.
Pits after cleaning. We put rodent bait stations below the white ramps.

7) It is best to let the building completely dry before you put a 2'-3" layer of bedding back in for your birds. Then add your disinfected feeders, nest boxes and other equipment.

8) Be gentle when you move in your new flock. It is a major stress on them if it is a new environment for them.
9) If it is a new flock of birds, monitor them carefully. Can they find the feed and water? Is anything disturbing them? Remember, they might be in a completely different environment and it is stressful for them - just as it would be for you! If you want to provide a low level of light during the night, get a night light from a local hardware or drug store. Buy one that has a photocell so it comes on when the sun goes down and turns off when the sun comes up. Just plug it into an electrical outlet. Keep it below 10 watts.

10) You now have a clean building, clean bedding, clean equipment, fewer rodents and a group of birds that are ready to lay eggs for you.
Our young breeders in their new, clean building!