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How to Differentiate African and Toulouse Goslings

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Oftentimes we are asked how to differentiate Toulouse and African goslings because their appearance is so similar.
The lighter down color in African goslings is grayer and in Toulouse it is more yellow. In the attached picture, the African is standing behind the Toulouse gosling.

The easiest way, however, is by looking at the line where the down meets their beak in front of their eyes. You can see in the attached picture that the line points up toward the top of their head in the African (the gosling on the left) but it is rounded down in the Toulouse.
This concave shape is probably due to the eventual development of the knob at the top of the beak in the African geese.
This same shape is also evident in White Chinese geese, as you can see in the photo showing a White Chinese (on the left) and a Roman Tufted gosling.

Any geese that originate in China and eventually develop a knob (White Chinese, Brown Chinese, African, Super African) will have the concave shape. Any geese developed from the Gray Lag goose of Europe have the convex, rounded down line.

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