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Is Your Feed Company On Our List?

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Can you buy feed that is made specifically for waterfowl? Probably not. Most of our customers cannot and they are not sure which chicken or general poultry feed to use. We are going to help solve your problem but we first need your help.

We are contacting feed manufacturers throughout the US and Canada and collecting the nutritional breakdown of each different sacked poultry feed they make. From this information, we will recommend which feed to use, for each feed company, for the different phases in the life of your waterfowl.
However, we want to make sure we have information from as many feed manufacturers as possible. Below is a list of those companies we have contacted. These are not feed stores, but rather the names of the companies that make and sack the feed. If the manufacturer of your feed is not listed, please send us the name of the manufacturer and method to contact them - phone number, website or mailing address.

Once we are satisfied we have most feed companies represented, we will put a page on our website with our recommendations. But first we need your help to make sure we have all the major sacked poultry feed companies represented.

The feed manufacturers we have, updated March 2015:

  • Ace High

  • ADM

  • Bartlett

  • Belstra

  • Big V Feeds

  • BlueBonnet Feeds

  • Blue Seal

  • Co-op Feeds

  • Diamond

  • Evergreen

  • Farmers Best

  • Flint River

  • Ful-O-Pep

  • Hiland

  • Homestead

  • Intermountain Farmers

  • Kalmbach Feeds

  • Kelley's Feed

  • Kent Feed

  • LA Hearne

  • Lone Star

  • Manna Pro

  • Martindale Feed Mills

  • Mazuri

  • McGreary

  • MFA Inc.

  • Modesto Milling

  • Nutrena

  • OH Kruse

  • Payback

  • Pennfield - Nature's Nutrition

  • Poulin

  • Purina

  • Ranch Way Feeds

  • Scratch & Peck Feeds

  • Southern States

  • Stillwater Milling

  • Union Grove

  • United Suppliers 

  • X-Cel Poultry

Thank you!