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Post Office Proposing 75% Increase in Postage for Day-Old Poultry !!

Thursday, May 23, 2013
The following blog was written when the USPS was considering increasing the postage drastically for live animals in 2013. They did not act on this proposal. We have no idea if or when they will reconsider it.

The Post Office is proposing that we start paying an additional $9.00-11.95 for every shipment of day old poultry (which amounts to a 75% increase). They are accepting comments on this proposal through this Friday, May 24th. We are asking you to contact the USPS and protest this additional charge.
US Postal Commission

Why do we oppose this postage increase?

1) The average postage we now pay for all our duckling and gosling shipments is about $12.00 per shipment. If they add this additional charge, your postage charges will go up at least 75%! How often has the USPS raised rates 75%?

2) The USPS gives no indication how this new income will improve service in any way. It will not make shipping faster or easier. It is not designed to better track shipments. It is not for better ventilated trucks to carry your birds. It is only a way to increase their income at your expense.

3) This new regulation will only affect day old poultry shipments and bee shipments. Was either industry notified in advance or was our input requested? Absolutely not. It was only when an AP reporter phoned another hatchery that we learned the USPS was proposing this 75% increase in fees. As mailing is our only option, hatcheries such as ours work closely with the USPS and we have our own Live Shipment Representative in Washington, DC. The only response I received when I asked my local representative about it was "Who sent this to you?" It appears to me the Post Office was trying to hide this proposed regulation until it was too late!
Let us make sure this joy continues!

We are asking you to send a quick email to the USPS to protest this exorbitant and heavy handed increase!

You must send all emails to:

The subject line must read Live Animals

It must be received by this Friday, May 24th

A sample email is below that you can copy, paste, edit, personalize it, sign your name and send. At the very bottom is a link to the actual regulation language.

Thank you very much for your efforts. If we all do our part, we can prevent this unfair increase from happening.

John Metzer
To Whom It May Concern:

I am very much against the additional postal charges you are proposing for the live animal shipments.

Do you realize this is an average increase of over 75% in what I now pay to receive my day old poultry?

Your proposed regulation does not indicate how this money will be spent. Will it speed service? Will it making tracking of my birds easier? Will it provide a better environment for my birds during shipping? What does this 75% increase do for me?

I am also very disappointed you did not contact the day old poultry and bee shipping industries prior to or after your posting of the regulation. Unfortunately it gives the impression that: 1) you don't care about me and 2) you don't care about any input from the hatcheries directly affected by your new rates.

Are you proposing a 75% increase in rates for any of your other customers? Or is it only us?

I do not feel this 75% increase in my postage rates for receiving day old poultry should be implemented.

Thank you for your time.

Your name

A link to the USPS proposed regulation: