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Sources of Poultry Flooring

Thursday, September 8, 2011
In my last blog I wrote how much easier your life will be if you use plastic or wire flooring around the drinkers for your ducks and geese. I am sure many of you said "That's great, but where do I find this poultry flooring?" Well, in this blog I have listed a selection of manufacturers.

Unfortunately some of these may have minimums above your needs. But you never know until you ask! If you are a manufacturer that is not listed, notify me and I will add your information. We now offer plastic flooring panels on our website! They are available here: Floor Panels for Waterfowl.

Plastic Flooring
These normally come in pieces that are about 2'x4' or 3'x3'. Some interlock and some do not. Some are impregnated with an antimicrobial agent, most are not. Some are manufactured internationally but have North American distributors. Some are white and some are colored. Ask if their flooring is appropriate for the age and type of your poultry.
Double L Systems        Dyersville, IA     800-553-4102

CanArm    Brockville, ON,
Canada    613-342-5424

Ogdensburg, NY, USA  800-267-4427   

This is the flooring we use in one of our brooder buildings.  It is

excellent for ducklings but does not work with goslings as they can catch their hock in the holes.

Southwest Agri Products    Dallas, TX  800-288-9748

Farmer Boy Ag    Myerstown, PA  800-845-3374

Valco    New Holland, PA   717-354-4586  

FarmTek      Dyersville, IA    800-245-9881

Agri of Virginia   Broadway, VA   800-328-6378 

PVC Coated Welded Wire

You can use welded wire that is not covered in plastic, but it will not last as long and may be more abrasive on their feet without the cushioning of the plastic.  There are two ways to galvanize welded wire: before welding (GBW) and after welding (GAW). Before welding
looks better but after welding lasts longer.  Ask which you are getting.  The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire (14 gauge is thicker than 16 gauge).

Wire Cloth Man   Mine Hill, NJ  800-947-3626

Houston, TX - 800-947-3256 Email:

St. Petersburg, FL   888-947-3256  Tulsa, OK   

CE Shephard Houston, TX - 800-324-6733

Riverdale Mills    Northbridge, MA   800-762-6374

Louis E Page, Inc.    Littleton, MA   800-225-0508

Gerard Daniel Hanover, PA - 800-232-3332

Fontana, CA - 800-635-8296

Academy Welded Wire Fence    Orange, NJ   800-427-0854
Good luck with your flooring changes. Using wire or plastic flooring in your duck and goose pens around their drinkers will keep the pen much drier and cleaner. Send us pictures of how you keep your pens dry!