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Welcome to Metzer Farms

As of June 1, 2020 we can now ship day old poultry to Southern California. There are no restrictions on quantities, species or shipping destinations anywhere in California. You can read the Official Declaration of our State Veterinarian, Dr. Annette Jones.

Please look through our selection of ducks, geese, French Pearl Guineas and Cornish Cross chicks. We encourage you to book your order now. We know the demand for day old poultry in Southern California is high. If you wait too long, the birds you want may not be available when you want them.


Welcome to Metzer Farms. We are a family-owned farm and hatchery that has been in business since 1972. We control all aspects of nutrition, breeding, selection, incubation, and hatching to ensure you the highest quality of day-old birds.

We specialize in waterfowl, hatching 19 breeds of ducks (Pekin, Jumbo Pekin, Mallard, Rouen, Khaki Campbell, Blue Swedish, Black Swedish, Buff, Cayuga, Welsh Harlequin, White Crested, Fawn & White Runner, Black Runner, Blue Runner, Chocolate Runner, Saxony, Silver Appleyard, Golden 300 Hybrid, and White Layer) and 16 breeds of geese (Embden, Toulouse, Buff Toulouse, White Chinese, Brown Chinese, Pilgrim, Buff, Tufted Buff, African, Super African, French Toulouse, Large Dewlap Toulouse, Sebastopol, Roman Tufted, Classic Roman, Tufted Toulouse). We also hatch French Pearl Guineas and Ringneck Pheasants, as well as three strains of meat chickens (Cornish Cross, Rolin S, and Big Sur).

It is easy for you to enjoy the thrill of raising a baby duckling or gosling into adulthood. Our minimum order quantity is two ducklings or goslings so you do not have to raise more birds than you want. We also hatch ducks year round. Whereas most hatcheries stop hatching in June or July, we hatch Pekin and Mallard year round and our other breeds of ducks from February through early December. The season for the geese, guineas, and pheasants is in the spring and early summer. Our chickens are hatched year round for those of you wanting to grow chickens commercially for your local restaurants or farmers' markets.

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