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Mr Goose

I just wanted to tell you about a pet goose that I grew up with. He was an exceptional pet.

Mr. Goose was a white chinese goose. He loved people. Any time we did work in the yard he had to stand right on top of whatever work it was. If we opened the sliding doors to the house he would walk right in. He enjoyed it when we picked him up and carried him around, and if we were to lay on our stomachs on the ground he always had to climb up on our backs. He would stand there for as long as we would let him.

One time my mom and I took him to the vet in the car. I held him on my lap in the passenger seat. I'll never forget the expression on the face of the person in the car next to us at a red light! He was very well behaved at the vet's office. I set him down on the scales, and he stood there very quietly while he was weighed. I was very proud of him.

Mr. Goose died about two years ago, he must have been about 23 years old. Anyway, our whole family misses him so much. I remember getting down on my knees to hug him, and he would curl his neck over me like he was being protective. I just thought I'd write and tell you about him, he was a wonderful example of how good a pet some geese can be.