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Ducks Easiest to Raise Poultry

After years of raising all different types of poultry and water fowl EXCEPT for ducks I decided to try some this year. To my surprise I discovered they are the hardiest, easiest to raise birds I have ever had. I bought a flock of 50 "hatchery specials" from Ideal.

They all arrived alive and thrived. It has been interesting watching their plumage develop through the different growth stages. For a "pond" I purchased a child's wading pool that was 8' in diameter. Initially I put a patio block inside and out so the little ones wouldn't drown (can happen if they can't get out after their swim). They love the pool which we top up every morning. About once every couple of weeks I put a sump pump in the pool and pump all the soiled water onto our vegetable garden (great results).

The laying ducks are starting to use the 6" high nest box we built and filled with wood shavings. When slaughter time arrives they are more difficult to pluck than chickens but duck wax helps a lot.

We plan on putting the ducks in our orchard. They love fruit drop and help control insects. As a bonus they keep the grass down around the trees. They only need a simple a frame shelter (open on the ends) for shelter here in Southern Missouri. All in all, I have to say they are right up there with turkeys in my favorites department, but of course, the turkeys are much harder to raise and control.