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Our Helpful Geese

Our Boris and Natasha are over a year old now, and they still "help" in the garden.

They are fascinated with everything we do, but their favorite thing is WEEDING. Weeding is like a salad bar for geese. Sometimes they take weeds out of the bucket faster than we can put them in.

Of course, they nibble at our boots, our gloves, and the brim of my hat, but Natasha is also into "plumber's butt." When I am squatting pulling weeds or trimming, sometimes she will pull my shirt out of the back of my pants!

I think my favorite moment of all, however, happened the time I was cleaning out one of our rainwater cisterns. We had a dry spell last month, and our smaller cistern was low. I noticed the former owners had dumped some wood and the pedestal for a bird bath in the cistern, so I decided to empty it and clean it out thoroughly. This was quite a job, and towards the end I was climbing down a ladder into the cistern, shoveling muck into a bucket, climbing up the ladder, and then raising the bucket with a rope and pulley.

At one point I was down there shoveling and looked up to see Boris and Natasha peering into the hatch above me, squawking away. I know exactly what they were saying: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE? IS IT FUN? CAN WE COME DOWN?!!!"

Never a dull moment with our "helpful" geese!