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Our Weeder Geese

Hi, Just wanted to drop a note about the geese I purchased from you.

I have a small garden, (2800 square ft.). I used the geese with great success! However, a few tips from my experience....

They worked very well in the sweet corn, but they cannot be let loose in the corn before it is 3 feet tall, because they mistake the small seedlings for weeds.

Also, plant all of your vegetables in rows, because like electricity, the geese will take the path of least resistance, and would rather walk up and down the rows than cross over the plants. This prevents the ground plants such as zucchini, cukes, squash, watermelons and pumpkins from being trampled.

Ducks should not be allowed into the garden when the plants have flowers, as they will eat them immediately. No flower, no veggie. After the fruit starts, the ducks are fine, but they are more useful on the lawn! Greanest, healthyist lawn on the street, even with this incredibly dry summer.

I had the best garden in town, with the use of fertilizer only at planting, (make sure it is all gone before you let the birds in) and lime.

The geese and ducks are now as much a part of my gardening as my Troybilt rototiller. They are also a much loved part of our family. My wife calls them her babies.

Thank you so much for starting us a new healthier way of gardening.

Thanks, and best wishes,

Dave A.