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Geese and French Fries

I decided on this lovely day that it would be a wonderful experience to have a nice little picnic with Mr Buttons and Gracie Clotille - my two geese. I had eaten my whopper on my ride back to the house, but I still had the french fries.

I was greeted with enthusiasm when I entered the back gate, especially since I had a little brown bag. And being that crinkly bags usually contain treats, my presence took on added meaning.

I took my place on the lawnchair and proceeded to spread out all the french fries on the brown crinkly bag. Gracie Clotille directly hopped up on the foot of the chair to see what delicacies that she believed to be exclusively her own. Mr Buttons looked on eagerly, stretching his neck forward to touch them.

Buttons tasted one and had enough. And the ketchup was no hit. That was for my benefit only. They caught a whiff of the ketchup and they shook their little heads in disgust.

As for the french fries, I am here to tell you that a curious little goose will taste each and every french fry in hopes that the next one in the batch would possibly be better than the last, and then repeat the process, possibly because they either forgot where they left off, or because they are hopelessly optimistic there exists one mere morsel that is worth eating. All of this only to reach the same conclusion: that they are all disappointingly yucky!