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Foster Goose Parents Do A Wonderful Job

I wanted to tell you about our geese, Vladimir and Pretty Girl, who we are unsure, at least by their behavior, if they might be good parents. The previous owners of the home we live in just left them on the property.

We currently have many goose eggs incubating that they have laid that are ready to hatch any day now and so being unable to get goslings in our area we decided to get 3 baby ducklings instead. Bringing the babies home I was very nervous trying to figure out how to introduce the babies to Vlad and Pretty they are still a little nervous around me. So I put the the babies in a box, and Vlad was very interested. He about took the box from me. The girls were not so interested. But I was still afraid Vlad would take my hand off. So instead I decided to use our brood box with a mesh fencing inside the goose pen with a heat lamp etc, for the babies for a few days so everyone could get used to each other. Vlad could not help but try everything he could to get over that fence night and day snapping every time the babies came close to the mesh. Then finally the girls started to show interest and it was like a little family watching babies all day and all night watching these baby ducklings.

After a couple days, we decided it was time to introduce face to face. I was so we set up a smaller enclosure inside the pen, and set up baby food and water and a safe place for the babies so nothing could get in or out except for "mom and dad." I got all the babies in, and then I let the door open and Vlad could not wait to get in there and see HIS babies!!

I just could not believe that Vladimir just took to these baby ducklings. He just talks to these babies by their down and carries them around to their food and water and watches over them day and night. I am fully confident now that when he and Pretty Girls babies finally do hatch that they will be the perfect parents and they will love their babies and protect them forever!!

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful story of a group of geese left abandoned to fend for themselves that have grown to trust and love me and now become proud parents!!