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Pink Inflatable Flamingo 1 - Godzilla Gander 0

I've finally found a method of backing off my very protective Gander (Romeo, a Pilgrim) that does not involve me getting blood blisters or bruises to my shin bone (Owwww!) and it involves an inflatable pink flamingo or a brightly colored rubber ball carried in a large fish net with a handle. My gander sees me as red meat despite the number of times he's had his beak grabbed shut and bodily pulled up into my lap to be my teddy-goose, where I humble him with hugs and kisses which results in a pitiful half-hearted honk and a dipping head. At such times his hens stop their "its a fight!" style honking and they also come and surrender by worming their necks under my arms (I love those days). But when I'm dressed in a three-piece suit and its time to put the birds away, I've discovered that using my gander's fear of that inflatable pink flamingo (and now the rubber inflatable ball since the flamingo popped) keeps me clean and injury free. Give this a try the next time you don't feel like confronting a bird with a six-foot wide wing span and an attitude like King Kong.

I discovered it by accident, I put the inflatable flamingo into their little pool just as a decoration, a laugh or for them to play with, and three days later I noticed that the pool water was crystal clear, meaning that they did not swim in it. When I realized that they were afraid of the fake bird, I used it to block them from hiding behind the rosemary bush when I was rounding them up, it never failed. Since I lost the flamingo, I used just the large fishing net to escort them along, but Romeo was not afraid of it for long and he tried to attack me through it and beating his wings on it. I was worried he might hurt himself so I just tried using a different pink and blue colored object, a one foot diameter inflatable ball for children, carried in the net and it works every time.