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We Have Eggs!

I am just so excited as our Golden 300's have already started laying eggs even before their six-month old date.

The eggs are delicious, and seem to be great for any use.

I'm sure we've broken a lot of rules - we taught them to drink out of water bottles (remember I told you how we did it, but i still think OUR ducks are GENIUSES), our ducks seem to still prefer crumbles, but we're feeding half pellet and half crumbles. They get grit and alfalfa, and the occasional lettuce and greenery. They're in a kennel and bedded on fresh straw each day. This spring we'll add a ''pond'', a small drainable tank for them to swim in.

We have made videos of them, have spent the last 2 months trying to ''shush'' loud morning quacks so our neighbors don't detect them, giving them outrageous names(4 are identical so are referred to all as ''Elizabeth'', but with ''Elizabeth one of four, Elizabeth two of four, etc), and basically they've been perfectly healthy and an absolute riot.

I'm especially surprised they're laying as they've had an extremely cold winter, and while well sheltered, have no heated or lighted duck house.

Thanks so much for our DUCKS.