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Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love My Little Flock of 10 Geese, But

Oh, don't get me wrong, I love my little flock of 10 geese. But they are trying at times, particularly when they got into my garden patch and ate all my pumpkin, watermelon and sunflower starters to the ground. They even went for the pepper plants but stopped short after a few bites. I don't herd mine around, they follow me like little duckies in a row. They follow me down the mountain, across the creek to the horse pen and eat with the horses, then follow me all the way back. They follow me to the goat pen, but the goats don't like them much so they wait outside. They sleep under my bedroom window at night.

Yes, I have been flogged almost to death when the "boys" were testing me. They would grab my pant leg with a bill and beat the death out of me with their wings. Well, I would grab them right behind the head and just turn them around so their backs were to me. Several attempts at this and now they give me my "space". Once in a while I will get a charge with the head down (when my back is to them, but I can hear their little feet padding at a run). All I have to do now is turn, face them and ask what they want. I get the look as if to say "Who, me? I don't want anything!" and they turn away from me with their heads up again.

But don't be a stranger to my place. You will be attacked from all directions by them. Even the electric meter reader man won't come here anymore. I have to call in my readings!