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Boris Rules

We were wondering what would happen when two young goats joined our family this summer. We figured the chickens would just go with the flow and there wouldn't be any problem with them, but we had no idea how our pilgrim pair, Boris and Natasha, would react. Eying each other for the first time on opposite sides of a fence, the goats weren't too concerned, probably because they had been used to being around ducks. Boris didn't have much reaction, but Natasha went into major hissing mode, which was unusual because she almost never hisses.

Yesterday, about two weeks after they arrived, I let the goats and the geese out of their pens at the same time. Again, the goats weren't too concerned, but then Boris went into white torpedo mode and headed right for the goats. He didn't even have to hiss; the goats took off for the safety of their pen at a trot. Boris honked in triumph. This morning the geese and goats were out again, and the goats were very conscious of where Boris was and made a point of avoiding him.

Boris rules... not only over domesticated animals, either. A couple of weeks ago, I looked up from my late afternoon animal chores to see a young bear in the grass on the far side of the driveway about 50 feet from me. He was so young that for a second I thought I'd better watch out for Mama Bear, who could be real trouble. The bear was alone, though, but he walked onto the driveway toward me, the geese, and some chickens. Have no fear! Boris and Natasha both lowered their heads and walked threateningly toward the bear. He stopped, turned, and took off around the house and back into the woods.

Good geese!