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Ducks In School

Dear Metzer Farms: I have been hatching eggs in my junior high science classroom for the past few years with poor success. After talking to one of your people and purchasing some recommended books I increased my hatching rate to over 75%.....much higher than the 10-15% previously!

A few months ago I ordered and received in good condition 14 mixed duck eggs from your farm. To our delight almost every one of them hatched! We kept them here in school with us for the first 6 weeks and then found them homes with local farms who wanted to keep them for breeding and eggs. We kept the two friendliest.....a rouen drake and a buff hen (see the attached pictures).

It is 3 months later now and Duey and Luey are almost full grown and the pride of Roosevelt Junior High School. I built them a 10' x 6' pen in the classroom with a pond and filter. I had them checked by a vet last week and she said they are the cleanest, healthiest ducks she has ever seen! They have no parasites, no disease and she said they are gaining weight well.

I guess I wanted to convey to you and your people that your ducks and geese may mean more to people than just meat or eggs or even a hobby. Duey and Luey have become our friends (especially to my 2 year old daughter). We feed them a variety of healthy greens which they are more than happy to take right from our hands (which the students just LOVE) and duck pellets. I let their pen door open during the day and they are free to come and go as they please throughout the classroom.....they have developed quite a reputation for untieing shoelaces! At the end of the day I sit on the floor with them to grade papers and they nestle right up next to me, preen themselves and go right to sleep.

We all just adore them and I wanted to say "Thank You" for your help and your wonderful ducks!

Jaunine Yohn
Science Department
Roosevelt Junior High School
Altoona Area School District
Altoona, PA

P.S. - Next.....GEESE!