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Adoptive Parents

We have a pair of Brown Chinese geese who will adopt any baby animal they find. We have had a very dry winter and are currently in drought conditions. As a result the local population of rock squirrels are not doing very well and are eating the dog food as well as anything else they can find.

One morning I went out to feed all the animals and the mama goose was sitting on a brand new nest and the daddy was guarding her and the nest. I was surprised to say the least! But instead of the peeping of goslings, there was quiet. I walked over to her, and tried to ignore the daddy, who was hissing and charging. Picking her up a bit, she was sitting on 3 baby squirrels, clucking to them and tucking them in. They were alive and frisky, their eyes were open and when I scattered grain they scampered out to gobble it up and went right back under the mama. I don't know if we will get any goslings this year or not, but we will have baby squirrels.