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Plastic Pal

My Embden gander was alone for several years, then we got guineas, ducks, and chickens, but he was still the only goose. When we finally found a friend for him, she (Miss Koko) turned out to be a Toulouse and older. When we let her out with the flock, he slowly came over to investigate and then, within minutes, he mounted her. He had never mated in his life and the only other goose he'd ever been around was made out of plastic! So this went pretty well! Except for the fact that he seemed to still prefer the company of his plastic pal over his feathered one, except in matters relating to sex. I feel he was a bit socially retarded due to being kept alone for so long. They did, however, produce an offspring, so they did something right and at least Miss Koko finally had someone to flock with as her husband was so often off with his plastic mistress.