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Welsh Harlequin Report

We currently have 8 of them; 7 hens and 1 drake (Sir Quacky). They have been laying for several months and we now get 6 to 7 eggs per day. The eggs have progressively gotten bigger. Our ducks are hilarious and we enjoy every day with them. We got them specifically as they are on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy critically endangered list and are said to be good setters and mothers. They are a medium weight bird of excellent flavor and they don't fly. They have never shown a tendency towards aggression and are really quite companionable with us so far. I was weeding last summer and had one of the hens right beside me waited for treats the whole time. She and a few other of the girls would shovel a bill full of dirt now and then but just kept chatting with me while I worked. I happened to have a big clump of grass with a good amount of dirt still on it. The nearest girl took it out of my hand waddled a little distance away and worked it over really well then actually returned it to me to check! They will wrap their heads around our neck or arms. It usually takes just a second for them to calm when we pick them up. They are quite adaptive to their housing and room mates. Currently they are housed with and share a pen with the chickens and goats. Thanks for letting me share!