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Handling Aggressive Ganders

The Chinese Ganders are always more aggressive when they are young. Even my imprinted one would bite me once in a while but never bites now that he is older. Right now he is back to his baby mood and wants me to carry him from where ever he is sitting to his pen at night. I would never hold their head to the ground as that is an aggressive move for them. I just grab them by the neck if they are aggressive. Not a choke hold and I just hold them till they settle down. Sometimes they will come back at you after that and you hold him again. You actually won't hurt their neck by holding them as long as you hold it so you aren't choking him. Chinese love to scare people and they know they can chase kids as they are small. They do out grow that also. If a gander is really mad at you he will try to flog you with his wings so hold him at arms length. Those wings hurt. You really need to convince him that you aren't afraid of him and holding his neck isn't being aggressive to him like holding his head down is. It just takes a lot of will power for you to show him who is boss. You can also point your finger at him and telling him NO in a very stern voice. That will work on a lot of them. The White Chinese are naturally aggressive and just have to be worked with to get the message, "I am the boss". I have a big American Blue that would like to be a little aggressive if he could get away with it. He is sneaky though. He waits for someone to turn their back and then tries to come after them. I have never caught him doing it to me or my husband but he wants to try it on my daughter. She is 48 so no kid. He won't do it with the grand daughter that helped raise him. All you have to do is turn around and say "What do you think you are doing?" and he looks like he is saying, "Me!, I was just following you." As soon as you look at him he is so innocent.