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How to Train Your Ganders Not to Be Aggressive

Any time geese are mating they become more aggressive. I have a lot of White Chinese geese and they are my biggest babies. The first year they were pretty bad. I would grab them by the neck, not tight enough to hurt them, and tell them NO when they become aggressive. Don't hold the head down to the ground as they take that as an aggressive behavior on your part.

If holding their neck doesn't stop them and they try to flog you, pick him up and hold them so they can't get you with their wing and talk to them. Put him down when he calms down some. You still have a hold of his neck so he can't bite you. Once he is down you may have to repeat the same thing over. When you have him back down point your finger at him and tell him NO in a stern voice.

He will soon learn that when you point your finger at him and say No that you mean it and you are the boss. This really will work but takes a little time.

White Chinese are probably the pit bulls of the goose world but they are worth the effort. Mine like to be petted and come to greet me when I go out. I do have Toulouse, African, American Blue and Sebastopol also.

They are all aggressive during mating season. As they get older they do calm down more. The first year or two are the worst. My imprinted ones have even attacked me when they were young. The White Chinese are so sweet when it isn't mating season and they wrap that big long neck up around yours and give you goose hugs. During the mating season they are doing what they think is what they should do and protect the female that is laying.

Good luck with them and don't give up if you have some aggressive ganders as you will really miss a lot if you do. They have so much personality.