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I Love My White Chinese

I love my Chinese Whites. They were the first geese I had and there is nothing like the hugs you get from the ones you baby a lot to make them tame. My first ones were about a week old when I got them and the gander was a Mama's baby. He loved to be held on my lap and to wrap his neck around my neck and give me hugs. I know some people don't like them that well as they are a little more aggressive than the other geese and sometimes have a little attitude. Maybe that is why I like them. My Chinese White ganders follow me, come to their name and just seem to be more loving than the others. My other geese like to be petted but the Chinese like to be picked up and carried and they do demand attention. One of them chased my brother in law into the house and came in after him because my brother in law didn't pay attention to him. My gander thought my brother in law should talk to him and pet him and he was just talking to my husband outside while Googlie was walking around and around him wanting attention. It was really funny as Rich weighs around 350 and that small goose made him move.