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I Built an Incubator and Didn't Even Know It. And It Worked Great!

I just wanted to share my story with you. My boyfriend who is in the military had me building some type of contraption for the past month. I had no I idea what I was building (especially from a styrofoam cooler). The day after Thanksgiving I received a box of fertile eggs from you. Then it dawned on me that I had built a make shift incubator. When I talked to my boyfriend the next time he simply said he wanted a way for my daughter and I to pass the time while he was away.

So I set the eggs in the incubator the 27th of November and hand turned them 5 times a day. I had temp spikes and times where the temp dropped. I was sure it was a lost cause but kept on going. Much to my surprise, all but 1egg (out of 6) were developing right on cue.

I continued to hand turn and battle my temps but my humidity stayed rock solid. Come Dec 23 I noticed pips. On Christmas Eve the first one hatched and later in the day the second. In the wee hours Christmas Eve/Christmas morn the 3rd hatched. Then the 4th, however, the 5th was barely progressing from the small pip he had made in the narrow end of the egg. I helped once the rest were already hatched. Naturally the one who wanted to pip the narrow end of the egg was the largest.

I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised w/ myself that I had that good of a hatch rate. This was my first time ever hatching anything and I believe I grew a few gray hairs and I'm only 28 :)

The End Result: