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Boris Makes a Big Mistake!

As Director of Security here at Mole Hill at Bittersweet Acres, our Pilgrim gander Boris considers it his responsibility to provide security clearance for all tools and equipment. Bucket, shovel, rake, or even ladder  Boris rushes over, gives the item a nip, and honks his approval. We are then free to continue with our work. As we have had no serious security breaches since Boris assumed this position, it is clear the system works well.

One time, however, Boris made a big mistake.

Some people call us crazy, but we like to keep our bird pens as clean as possible. We use large barbecue tongs to pick up poop, and we do it at least three times a day. One night, after cleaning the chicken pen, I went into the goose pen to do a final cleanup. Before I could do anything about it, Boris decided to do a security check on the tongs. He took hold of the business end of the tongs ...

If a goose can make a face, Boris sure did. It was a combination of "BLEH ... YUCK ...UGH!" He rushed over to the water bucket and dunked repeatedly, shaking his head and rinsing his mouth out over and over.

Needless to say, tongs have been given a blanket security pre-check since that time!