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Gus Doing the Zoomies

These geese are a riot! I just love them, they have such a sense of humor. I always dump and refill the baby pools in the morning, and the ducks and the geese stand around quacking and honking until the pool is full enough to jump in.

So this morning was no different, and a handful of ducks and Gus hop in one of the pools when I was done. It was then that Gus got the zoomies. ;-) He started swimming in circles so fast that the little ducks were flipping out over the sides of the pool in his wake, then, he'd jump out of the pool and run around in circles on his tippy-toes, chest thrown out and wings spread with theatrical flare, only to dive back in the pool to do it again! I just cracked up!! What a silly gander. :-)