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My Helpful But Self-Centered Gracie

Had to share this comical escapade from today. I'd gone to Home Depot to buy some pansies. Out of the goodness of my heart, I invited Mr Buttons and Gracie Clotille, my two geese, to accompany me in planting the little darlings on my side yard. Being that Gracie Clotille is the chief inspector and expert hole digger, I figured that she would be most grateful for the privilege. Typically she has a "thing" for potting soil, but I managed to keep her from devouring the little plants before I had a chance to get them out of the containers. She clucked and trilled with glee as I dug into the soil, picking out roots and other such desirable things that only a goose would appreciate.

Here I go... Planting and making progress.. down the driveway...adding beauty to Hazel St. I look back and realize that I have this assembly line... rather a "dis-assembly" line consisting of planting-uprooting-scattering-eating. In my kindest, most gentle "NO NO" voice, (which was hard because she was so exquisitely delighted to be part of this fun) I finally had to usher the mischievous two back into the yard and finish the project myself.

Here's where the fun begins. Gracie Clotille is mad at me and is apparently holding a grudge. She bites my ankle, she bites my hand... Anything she can bite. Come to find out... She wanted to be comforted after I had scolded her. So I picked her up on my lap. And if I so much as LOOKED at Mr Buttons, she'd lay into me again! This was the price I had to pay for spoiling her fun. I now had to make amends by giving her exclusive attention... Lots of it.... Lots of soothing words... Lots of compliments and words of admiration until she had been satisfied. No sharing affection with Mr Buttons (who is now whining like a sad puppy). It's all about Gracie Clotille.