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My Chinese Geese and Their Personalities

We have a pair of Brown Chinese geese. Boris, the gander, wants hugs and attention. Anna wants to be present and she's a good talker but she does not want any petting or touching. It is funny that she follows me around chatting but shies away from contact. They are great watchdogs and protect the chickens from hawks by keeping a watchful eye to the sky! I had to put them in a fenced pasture because they would confront visitors and, on several occasions, had grown men backed up against the wall. Hilarious sight! (to me!) All they wanted was attention but when someone showed fear or weakness... Katy bar the door, they became ninja geese.

I have not been pinched or bitten because I was always advised to "remain in charge" by reaching out and gently holding their beautiful long neck and then scooping them up and walking around tickling their feet, gently pulling their wings and reminding them who is the boss. In mating season, when she is sitting on eggs, or laying, he will put his head down and charge but you can always get him carefully by the neck. He's kind of half-hearted with the aggression, as if he feels a duty to protect and but not wanting to offend me at the same time. Very funny individual personalities.

They are pets and more, because they are useful friends who are loving and giving.