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Advice on a Goose as a House Pet

Hello. I too have a goose as a house pet. Her name is Rose and she is a Red Breasted goose and really tiny. I have had a Canada, Barnical as well as house pets in the past and found them to be hardly any trouble at all. The most problems occur when they are growing up. There is a lot of food consumption which means a lot of mess. Also they need a lot of attention to begin with as they want to be around you all the time. This period is different with different breeds of geese, Clover my Canada was 13 weeks old before she started to settle down and Samantha my Barnical goose was 10 weeks. Rose my Red Brested has just started settling down and she is only about 6 weeks old. Sebastopols I am sure take longer to grow up being big and domestic geese. But all in all if you try hard at it and get over the growing period it is well worth the commitment. Ive never looked back and Clover and Samantha made the best friends I know. Rose is so adorable, I couldnt be without her and, God forbid, if anything happened I would get another again and again.