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Bowing to the King Gander And What It Gets You

Perhaps you've noticed this body language with your geese. You go outside to see them. Your gander sees you and begins to dip his head, placing his cheeks onto the ground. When I see this, I sense "territorial" behavior. What I believe he's telling me, in a POLITE way is "MINE." That could mean, "my goose", "my pool", "my space", my yard... whatever. I am in HIS territory. So, I've learned to be polite about my entry into his space. I bow my head, hands behind me, like I'm bowing to the king (hoping my neighbors aren't watching!) He lets down his guard. I have asked permission and that is polite in his world. He approaches me in a friendly way. I've been doing a lot of bowing lately, but it gets me privileges. My no means is it foolproof. I notice that when they communicate with us, they bow their heads. Perhaps, bowing is an indication that you have good intentions. Just my thoughts.