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How Her Ducks and Geese Co-exist

We have always had our ducks and geese together -- except as babies when the geese tend to accidentally hurt the ducks just because they are so much bigger. We have a variety of breeds (call, Australian spotted, miniature silver Appleyard, wild mallard, runner, buff, blue Swedish, Cayuga, Pekin, Rouen, Muscovy ducks; Shetland, White Chinese, African, Super African, Buff, Sebastopol, Tufted Roman, Toulouse and Embden geese) and about 60 ducks/geese total, and they usually just ignore each other.

When we get new geese (adults) they usually hang out with the ducks for awhile until the geese accept them but otherwise the ducks stay together and the geese stay together. We also have chickens and turkeys in the same pen. What amazes me is all the birds also seem to separate by breed: the Embdens stay together, the Golden Wyandottes stay together, etc.

Our ducks and geese stay outside at night (refuse to go inside other than to eat or set on eggs) but even then they pretty much split up, ducks in one pile and geese in another.