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Turkey Love

My father and I bought two goslings. We had never taken care of or owned geese, so two was a good number. As the geese grew, and I did some research, I found out we had a male and a female. When they were older, the female started laying eggs, but they weren't hatching, so we got a duckling and placed it in her nest when she wasn't looking, she quickly took it in as her own.

About a year later, in the summer we let the geese and the duck out on our small pond. They would live here until it grew colder, there was a fenced in section on land they could swim up to and have shelter and food. While the waterfowl were at the pond, my father and I bought a turkey, it lived in the same pen the geese used to live in.

When the weather started to cool down and we could tell that summer was over, we went up to the pond (about half a mile away) to retrieve our two geese and duck. When we got the carriers out of the back of the truck, we noticed there was only one bird swimming on the water, our male goose. We spent a couple hours searching for the female and the duck, only to find nothing.

We brought the male back to his old pen and searched for the lost birds everyday. A couple weeks later, we found them, a heap of feathers outside a coyote's den. We couldn't do anything to get them back, and we didn't dare get another goose or duck, in fear the same thing would happen. The male goose grew fond of the turkey he was sharing his pen with, and she grew fond of him.

The next summer, just when it was warming up, we took the goose back to the pond. That night it unexpectedly rained, leaving our farm extremely muddy. And when we woke up in the morning, there where goose footprints on the driveway. We followed them and they led right to the turkey's pen, and there waiting for us to let him in, was our male goose. That is when we learned he could not fly. The goose never did want to go back up to the pond, so he lived with the turkey.

About three years later, a devastating flood hit our area. It almost took out our house. We only lost one animal, the turkey. A couple short days after the water died down, we realized our loss, and so did the goose. He would wander around aimlessly, following me wherever I went and wanting me to pick him up. About a week later, he passed away. There was no cause of death, so we said it was a broken heart, for his love (the turkey) had died.