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I Love These Baby Geese!

I LOVE these baby geese. They are so much more interactive than what I was expecting - they stand up on their little flappy feet and jump jump jump, all excited to see me, and whistle every time I walk by them. So of course I have to stop every time and talk to them, at least. I am not getting anything done! I let them out today on the floor and I laughed so hard I cried when they started zooming around in circles with their baby wings out. Thank you, Heidi, for the suggestion of teaching them to stay put on my lap - they definitely want to be ON MY FACE all the time, and I can see what a problem that could lead to. I see what hardware disease is about - they're little vacuum cleaners. The dogs seem to be learning that these are babies to be protected - I've noticed each of the dogs separately guarding them and they seem to be very, very respectful and gentle. I was not sure if the dogs would want to eat them - and I sure wouldn't leave them alone - but it seems that they will be recognized as part of the family. I am glad I got the second goose - they are so cute all curled up together. One would have been too lonely.