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Those Hickies Are From Your Geese? Sure.

I have a pair of African geese.  My gander is the one who has always nibbled on me... He's still a big baby. 

I had a doctor's appointment once and had to explain my goose hickies.  How embarrassing.  I had them on my arms and legs as well.  It's needy adolescent behavior.  He WANTS you.  You're his parent.

  As far as attacking visitors, that's their job.  Your backyard is not yours... Its THEIRS. Strangers don't belong there. Nor do most unfamiliar objects.  The aliens in our yard are black garbage bags, my husband's lunch box and anything with wheels.  "Protect and defend."  Then they'll come chew on you some more.   They're not always the most hospitable creatures.  They have rules about how you are supposed to approach them.  "Bow to the King" is a good rule of thumb.  Notice all that head bobbing they do when they see you?  That is their greeting and if you reciprocate, it lets them know you have good intentions.  It can work for your visitors, too. 

Don't let them get between you and the visitors.  They'll automatically go for the visitors.  If you can, stand next to your visitors, being careful not to let them bite.  Teach your friends to bow their heads to your geese. Your friends can also offer them a treat.  That's not guaranteed to work, but give it a try.     Also, they're not like dogs.  They are hunted in the wild and are wary by nature.  Their survival depends on it so they're not gonna be friendly to just anybody. Their only real defense is to look really scary and bite really, really hard! 

However, they have chosen You as the special person in their life.  Enjoy!!!!!