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My Three Pet Ducks Follow Me Everywhere

My Pekin ducks were about 1 month old and my grandpa and I were collecting corn to crack for the ducks. We have about 3 acres of land and we drove around with the riding lawn mower and were picking up corn in the fields, then my grandpa tells me to look behind me. I couldn't believe it, there were my 3 ducks following us, we probably drove about 3/4 of the property and the whole time the ducks followed us.

Later that same day, I was cleaning out the duck's water containers and all of a sudden my grandpa is laughing his head off. My grandpa said the the ducks were all bent over like I was while doing their water, me and my 3 ducks all bent over at about 45 degrees. I was especially surprised because we had gotten the ducks when they were about one and a half weeks old so I didn't think they had imprinted on me that much, but I guess they imprinted more than I thought.